Appending requirements to documents

If a requirement in the document you are working on applies to another document, you can append the requirement to the end of the other document without opening it. If the appended requirement has child requirements, they are also appended to the document. Appended requirements can be shared between documents or a new copy of the requirement can be appended.

1. Open the document that contains the requirement to append.

2. Select the requirement to append, click Actions, and choose Append to Document.

The Select Requirement Document dialog box opens.

3. Select the document to append the requirement to.

To find a document, you can search, apply a filter, or view a list of recently accessed documents.

4. Select an option to indicate how to add requirements to the document.

  • Copy the requirements and add the copies to the selected document creates a copy of the existing requirement and adds it to the selected document.
  • Share the existing requirements with the selected document adds the requirement to the selected document and creates a share between the requirements. If a shared requirement is modified, the changes are made in all documents the requirement is included in.

5. Click Append Requirements.

The requirement is appended to the document.