Adding new requirements to documents

You can add requirements to documents and enter the requirement information at the same time. New requirements are added as siblings or children of other requirements in the document.

1. Open the document to add the requirement to.

2. Select the requirement above where you want to add the new requirement.

Child requirements are added under the selected requirement. Sibling requirements are added at the same level as the selected requirement.

3. Click the Add Requirement button and select Add Requirement as Child or Add Requirement as Sibling.

The Add Requirement dialog box opens.

4. Select a requirement type. You can also search for a requirement type. Helix ALM includes default requirement types, but your team may use others. See Default requirement types.

5. Click Add.

The Adding Requirement page opens.

6. Enter the requirement information. See Adding requirements.

7. Save the requirement.

  • Click Save to save and return to the document.
  • Click Save and Add Another to save and add another requirement to the document.

Tip:  Click Apply to save and continue working on the requirement.

The requirement is added to the document. See Modifying requirement documents for information moving requirements and performing other actions on requirements in documents.