Starting the Helix ALM Server Admin Utility

The Helix ALM Server Admin Utility is used to manage projects, the server log, server users, the mail queue, and server options.

  • Windows—Choose Programs > Perforce > Helix ALM > Helix ALM Server Admin on the Start menu.
  • Mac—Double-click the Helix ALM Server Admin Utility icon in the Applications/HelixALM folder.
  • Linux—Enter /usr/bin/ttadmin
  • Web—In a web browser, enter the server admin utility URL. The URL uses the static or IP address of the web server to connect to and the path to the admin utility login page. For example, If the login dialog box does not open automatically, click Go To Login on the Welcome page.

Note:  If RSA key exchange is enabled, you may be prompted to verify the authenticity of the key fingerprint, which is used to prevent hacking. Verify that you are logging in to the correct server. If you are unsure if the fingerprint is correct, log in locally to server admin utility on the server computer and verify that the key displayed in the Security server options matches the key displayed when you logged in from the other computer. If the fingerprint is correct, click Yes to log in. If a different fingerprint is displayed, a hack may be in progress.