Running the Installer

After downloading the installer, run it on the computer to install Helix ALM components on.

Keep the following in mind when installing:

  • Some Helix ALM features, such as Microsoft Word and Excel export, require a Java runtime. The OpenJDK Java Runtime (OpenJRE) is installed during installations, except for 32-bit Linux installations because a 32-bit OpenJRE does not exist. If you use the 32-bit Linux installer, you need to manually set the Java runtime after installation. You can also change it for other operating systems. To change the Java runtime:
    • For the Helix ALM Server on Windows and Linux using the Helix ALM Registry Utility, see the registry utility help.
    • For the Helix ALM desktop client, see the client help.

During installation

You must select settings for the components you choose to install. Depending on the installation type, you may be prompted to select options for the following components: