Finding items

Helix ALM makes it easy to find the items you need to work with. You can search for items by text, number, field values, and other data. You can also use filters to save and apply search criteria you frequently use to quickly find items more quickly.

Tip:  You may also be able to quickly view your assigned items, recent project activity, and other project information on a dashboard. See Using dashboards.


You can perform basic searches to find items by text or number. See Searching for items. You can also go directly to a recently accessed item or an item by number. See Going to a recently accessed item and Going to an item by number.

To use more specific search criteria, such as multiple field values, you can perform advanced searches. See Performing advanced searches.

To quickly find items in list windows, you can:


If you or other team members frequently search using the same criteria, create a filter to save the search. For example, you may want to add a filter to quickly find all issues assigned to specific team members. See Adding filters.

Filters are most commonly used to narrow items displayed in list windows. You can use filters you create and that other users share with you. See Applying filters.

Filters are also used in other areas, such as reports, security groups, and automation rules.

You can filter list windows even further using column filters. You can select a value for any column in the list to display only items that match that value. See Filtering list window columns.