Helix ALM interface basics

Take some time to get familiar with the interface before you start working in Helix ALM.

Note:  The Dashboards window opens when you log in. Use dashboards to view important project information and metrics. See Using dashboards.

# Use to:
Perform actions from menus. See Menus. The available actions change depending on the window or item type you are working with. If an action is not available, it may not be valid or you may not have security permissions to perform it.
Perform actions from toolbars. Toolbars include many of the same actions as menus. You can customize toolbars to include actions you frequently perform. See Customizing toolbars.
Access items using a URL. The Address bar always displays the URL for the open list window or item. See Using the Address bar.
View a list of items in the project and work with them. To open a list, choose the item type you want to work with in the View menu. For example, to work with issues, choose View > Issues. See Using list windows.
Add a workflow event to indicate the work you performed on an item and move it through its lifecycle. The available events depend on the item type and status. The same events are available in the Workflow menu. See Adding workflow events to items.