User Guide | 2019.2

Using test suites

Test suites are collections or series of related tests. For example, you may want to group tests based on testing phase, purpose, functional area, or other criteria. Using test suites helps you more easily reuse test cases, keep tests organized, and run tests in the correct order if needed.

In Helix ALM, test suites are types of folders used exclusively for test case management.

  • Test case suites can only contain test cases or other test case suite folders.
  • Test run suites can only contain test runs or other test run suite folders.

See Setting up test suites for best practices to follow when setting up test suites.

In Helix ALM Web, you can automatically generate a test run suite from a test case suite. The test run suites contain the same subfolders as the source test case suite. Generated test runs are added to the test run suite in the same order as the test case suite so tests can be performed in the correct order.

You work with test suites in the Folders list window. See Using the Folders list window. You can perform many of the same actions on test case and test run suite folders as you can on other folder types. See Managing test suites.