User Guide | 2019.2

Entering overall test run results

After you perform a test run, you can indicate if the test passed, failed, or if the results were unclear. Passed and failed test runs are closed. Unclear test runs remain open for further review. A test run may need to meet compliance rules before you can set the overall result. For example, if all steps in the test run do not have a Pass result, compliance rules may prevent you from passing the test run.

Tip:  In the default test runs workflow, you can enter test run results without opening an event dialog box, which is helpful when you do not have any result information to add. Select the test run in the list, choose Workflow, and select a resulting state (Pass, Fail, or Unclear) to automatically change the test run status. If a test run is in the Pass, Fail, or Result Unclear state, you can choose Ignore Result to close it after determining it is no longer needed. Your organization may use different names for similar events.

1. Open the test run or select it in the Test Runs list window.

2. Choose Workflow > Enter Result.

The Enter Result dialog box opens.

3. Enter Result By defaults to the logged in user, but you can select another user. Click the Find User button to search for a user. See Searching for users and customers in fields.

4. Date defaults to the current date and time, but you can enter or select another date and time.

5. Select the Resulting State to indicate the workflow state the test run moves to next.

  • Passed indicates the expected and actual results match and the test run passes.
  • Failed indicates the expected and actual results do not match and the test run fails.
  • Result Unclear (Needs Review) indicates you are not sure if the test run passed or failed based on the expected and actual results, and the results need further review.

6. Enter the Actual Effort in hours to perform the test.

7. Enter any Notes to provide more information about the test results.

8. Click OK.

The test run status changes to the resulting state you selected.