User Guide | 2019.2

Searching for items

You can search for items based on text or an item number you enter. Fields searched include the item summary and description fields, workflow event notes, all text fields, the requirement document name field, and test case or test run steps.

Tip:  You can also search for items using the Quick Find toolbar on list windows or go directly to an item based on the number. See Quickly finding items in list windows and Going to an item by number.

1. Choose Edit > Find.

The Find dialog box opens.

2. Select an item Type.

3. Select the field to search from the Find list.

If a field is not available, you do not have security permissions to search it. The following options can help you perform a more comprehensive text search:

  • All Text searches all text fields in items. See Searching all text fields.
  • All Event Notes searches all Notes fields in workflow events, such as Assign and Fix.

The available search options depend on the field type selected in the Find field.

4. If you are searching by item number, enter the numbers in the Any of the following numbers field and then continue with step 7. Separate numbers with spaces or commas.

5. If you are searching for text, enter it in the Contains field.

You can enter a text string or text that includes wildcards for a more flexible search.

  • To match zero or more characters, use an asterisk (*).
  • To match one character, use a question mark (?).

Note:  If you use wildcards, select Wildcards from the Use list. Otherwise, use Plain text search to search for the exact text you entered.

6. Select a matching option for the text you entered.

  • Match phrase searches for the exact phrase.
  • Match any search term searches for any of the text.
  • Match all search terms searches for all of the text.
  • To match the exact case of the text, select Match case.

Note:  See Search examples for examples using the matching options.

7. If you applied a filter to the list window, select Based on current filter to only search filtered items.

8. Click Find.

The Find Results filter is applied.

  • If matching items are found, the items are displayed in the list window.
  • If matching items are not found, a message is displayed and the list window is empty.