User Guide | 2019.2

Working with requirement documents

Requirement documents display requirements in a hierarchical outline format. Depending on your role, you may modify documents to change the content or only review documents to provide feedback.

Note:  If you need to modify document details, such as the name, owners, or description, see Editing requirement document details.

1. In the Requirement Documents list window, select the document to view and click Open Specification Document.

The Specification Document window opens in Document View.

Information is displayed in the following areas.

# Description
Displays the document name, description, status, and assignment information. Allows switching between Document View for adding and modifying requirements and Review Mode View for reviewing requirements. Provides access to document snapshots, which are read-only historical document versions.
Provides access to add, move, modify, review, and filter requirements, save and apply document views, and work with requirement and document review notes. See Document View toolbar and Review Mode View toolbar.
Displays requirements in the document in hierarchical order. Requirements are labeled with the outline number, tag, and summary. Outline numbers are automatically assigned based on the requirement position in the document. Click a requirement to view it in the details area. Double-click a requirement to edit it. See Editing requirements.
Displays requirement content. Indicators, such as locks and flags, are displayed to point out additional information. See Requirement and document indicators. To edit a requirement, double-click it. See Editing requirements directly in documents.

Note:  You can only open 20 instances of the Specification Document window at once.

2. Choose View > Specification Document View Mode and select a view to work in. You can also switch views in the document header area.

Note:  You can add workflow events to requirements and perform other actions, such as emailing users, in both views.