User Guide | 2019.2

Reviewing requirements and documents

You may be asked to review requirement documents and provide feedback. You can add review notes to provide feedback about changes needed to an entire document or individual requirements in a document. You can also add comments to clarify information or provide general notes that do not require changes to the document or requirement. Any notes or comments added to requirements can be viewed in the document.

1. In the Requirement Documents list window, select the document to review and click Open Specification Document.

The document opens in the Specification Document window.

2. Select Review Mode View from the view list in the header area.

Note:  Depending on your security permissions, you may be able to switch to Document View to modify the document and requirements. See Working with requirement documents.

3. Select a snapshot from the version list to view a historical document version.

The window changes to gray to indicate you are viewing a snapshot. Select <Current Version> to view the current document.

4. Customize the view to display information you need.

  • Click Show All Notes and select an option to display requirement review notes and comments.
  • Select a Filter to display specific requirements. For example, you may want to only view requirements you own. You can also filter the columns in the details area. See Filtering list window columns. You cannot apply filters to snapshots.

5. Select the document or a requirement in the requirements tree and click Add Note to add a review note or comment to it. See Adding requirement and document review notes and Commenting on items.

Note:  Indicators, such as locks and flags, are displayed to point out additional information. See Requirement and document indicators.

When you finish reviewing the document, enter a workflow event to move it to the next step in the workflow. See Adding workflow events to items.