User Guide | 2019.2

Modifying requirement documents

You can add, reorganize, and remove requirements in documents. You can also view snapshots of previous document versions.

1. Select the document in the Requirement Documents list window and click Open Specification Document.

The Specification Document window opens in Document View.

Note:  To view a snapshot of the document, select it from the version list in the header area. The document changes to gray to indicate you are viewing a read-only snapshot. Select <Current Version> to view the current document. You can add review workflow events on snapshots, but you cannot perform any other actions, such as edit requirements.

2. Select a filter from the Filter list to display specific requirements. For example, you may only want to view business requirements.

You can also filter the columns in the details area. See Filtering list window columns.

3. Click the Add Requirement button to add requirements. See Adding requirements to documents.

4. Double-click a requirement to edit the summary, description, and other fields. See Editing requirements directly in documents.

To edit information not displayed in the document, such as custom fields or workflow events, select the requirement and choose Edit > Edit Requirement in Detail Window. See Editing requirements.

5. Select a requirement and click the arrows in the toolbar to move it in the document hierarchy.

You can also drag and drop requirements in the tree to move them.

6. Select a requirement and click the Remove Requirement button to remove it. You can also choose Edit > Remove Requirement. See Removing requirements from documents.

Note:  Indicators, such as locks and flags, are displayed to point out additional information. See Requirement and document indicators.