User Guide | 2019.2

Adding requirement documents

Requirement documents group and organize a set of related requirements. For example, you may want to add a document to group requirements based on functional area, release, or component.

You can add documents before or after you add requirements to a project. If you add a document first, you can add new or existing requirements to it. If you add requirements first, you can add a document when you are ready to organize the requirements and add them to the document.

1. Choose Create > Requirement Document. You can also click Add on the Requirement Documents list window.

Note:  To add a document that includes requirements, select the requirements in the Requirements list window, right-click, and choose Create Requirement Document. You can also import Microsoft Word documents. See Importing requirements and requirement documents from Microsoft Word.

The Add Requirement Document dialog box opens.

2. Enter a document Name. You can enter up to 255 characters.

3. Enter a Description of the document. For example, you may want to explain the document's purpose.

4. Enter or select any values on the Detail tab. These are unique fields your team uses to capture additional information about the document.

5. Click the Files tab to attach files to the document. See Attaching files.

You can also attach files from a source control tool if the integration is configured for Helix ALM. See Attaching source files to items.

6. Click the Folders tab to add the document to a folder. See Adding items to folders.

Note:  You will use the Workflow, Snapshots, Links, and History tabs when viewing or editing documents. See Viewing requirement document details and Editing requirement document details.

7. Click Add to save the document and add it to the project or Add and Open Specification Document to save the document and open it in the Specification Document window. See Working with requirement documents.

You can also click Apply to save the document and continue working on it. Click OK when you finish.

Tip:  Depending on user options, the Add Requirement Document dialog box may remain open after the document is added. Click Cancel to close it. You can change the Add Multiple Requirement Documents user option to automatically close the dialog box after adding a new document. See Setting add multiple items options.