User Guide | 2019.2

Adding requirement and document review notes

When you review a requirement document, you can add review notes to provide feedback about the entire document and individual requirements in the document. For example, add a document review note if a change affects the structure of the document or add a requirement review note to indicate a specific change needed in a requirement.

1. Open the document in the Specification Document window. Make sure Review Mode View is selected.

2. To add a note to a requirement, select it, click Add Note in the toolbar, and select Review Note.

To add a note to the document, select the document in the requirements tree, click Add Note in the toolbar, and select Review Note.

The Review Note dialog box opens.

3. Enter or select any information.

  • Review Note By—Defaults to the logged in user, but you can select another user. Click the Find User button to search for a user. See Searching for users and customers in fields.
  • Date—Defaults to the current date and time, but you can enter or select another date and time.
  • NotesYour detailed feedback on the requirement or document, such as changes needed or questions.
  • Custom Fields—Unique fields your team uses to capture additional information.

4. Click the Attachments tab to attach any files to the review note, such as screenshots. See Attaching files.

5. Click OK.

The note is added to the item.

  • Document review notes are displayed in the Document Notes area.

  • Requirement review notes are displayed under the corresponding requirement.

Note:  You can also add review notes to requirements and documents without opening the document. Select the item in the list window or open the item and choose Workflow > Review Note.