User Guide | 2019.2

Performing advanced searches

Perform an advanced search to find items that match specific criteria, such as field values. You can add multiple criteria in restrictions to find exactly the items you are looking for. You can also narrow or broaden a search, or exclude criteria from a search, using Boolean logic.

1. Choose Edit > Advanced Find.

The Advanced Find dialog box opens.

2. Select an item Type.

Note:  If the items are filtered, the Advanced Find dialog box is populated with the filter restrictions. Click Clear to remove the restrictions.

3. Click Add to add a restriction, which contains the criteria items must match to be included in search results.

The Add Restriction dialog box opens. You can add up to 20 restrictions to a search.

4. Select a field from the Restrict by list.

The options change based on the selected field. See Using restrictions to narrow filter and search results.

5. Select the restriction options.

6. Click OK.

The restriction is added to the search and you return to the Advanced Find dialog box.

7. Optionally select NOT/AND/OR operators and parentheses to build Boolean logic for the search. See Using Boolean operators in filter and search restrictions.

8. Add any additional restrictions to narrow the search.

9. Click Validate to validate the search criteria. Click OK if the criteria is valid.

  • An error is displayed if the criteria is not valid. Click OK to return to the Advanced Find dialog box and correct the error.
  • Click Clear to clear all restrictions and start over.

10. Click Make Filter to save the search criteria as a filter. This is helpful if you frequently perform the same search. See Adding filters.

11. Click Find.

The Find Results filter is applied.

  • If matching items are found, the items are displayed in the list window.
  • If matching items are not found, a message is displayed and the list window is empty.