User Guide | 2019.2

Moving issues through the workflow

The issues workflow defines the path an issue takes from the time it is reported until it is resolved. To move an issue through the workflow, it is assigned to users who perform the required work. When the work is complete, the user adds an event to the issue to move it to the next step in the workflow. Information about events is tracked in the issue workflow history. See Moving Items Through the Workflow.

The default issues workflow includes events for common actions performed on issues. See Default issues workflow. The steps you follow and available actions may be different depending on your team's workflow.

To add workflow events to issues:

  • When working in the Issues list, choose an option from the Workflow menu.
  • When working in a specific issue, click the button for the workflow event to add.

See Adding workflow events to items.

All event information is saved with issues. To view workflow history, open an issue and click the Workflow tab. See Viewing workflow event history.