User Guide | 2019.2

Emailing from Helix ALM

You can send email directly from Helix ALM, making it easy to communicate with others without switching to your email application.

Depending on your team’s use of Helix ALM, emails may be tracked and added to the item they are sent from.

1. To send email about a specific item, select it in the list window or open it.

To send email unrelated to a specific item, do not select or open any items.

2. Choose Email and select an option. If you are working in an open requirement document or in the Folders list, click Email.

  • Send Email emails any recipients you specify.
  • Send to Currently Assigned Users emails users the item is currently assigned to.
  • Send to Found By Users emails the user who found an issue. If the issue has multiple Found by users, they are all included as recipients.
  • Send to Entered By Users emails the user who entered the item. If multiple items are selected, all Entered by users are included as recipients.
  • Send to Last User Who Entered Event emails the user who last entered a workflow event on the item.

The Send Mail dialog box opens.

3. Enter the recipient email addresses in the To field. Separate multiple addresses with a semicolon.

Click To to select recipients from a list or search for recipients. See Adding email recipients.

Note:  As you type, matches based on previously selected recipients are displayed. Select a name and press Enter to add it to the To field.

4. Optionally select an email Template if you are emailing from a selected item.

Templates provide default formatting and content in emails. Content may include specific information about the item you are emailing about.

Note:  Depending on your security permissions, you can click Configure to create or edit an email template. See Customizing email templates.

5. Enter a Subject.

6. Enter the message on the Body tab. You can also insert or paste images in the message.

7. Click the Attachments tab to add attachments to the email. See Attaching files.

8. Click Send.

The email is sent. If tracking is enabled, the email is added to the item. You can view tracked email on the item Overview or Email tabs. See Viewing email.

Note:  If the email is too large to send, you are prompted to remove some content. Remove attachments as needed until the email size is under the maximum limit.