User Guide | 2019.2

Attaching files

You can attach any type of file to items. For example, you may want to attach a flowchart, diagram, or screen mockup. Or, you may want to attach a screenshot to show the final result after performing a test.

Note:  You can attach automated tests to test cases and attach results reports to test runs. These files are attached on the Scripts tab. See Attaching automated test scripts to test cases and Attaching automated test results to test runs.

The following steps also apply to attaching files to emails. See Emailing from Helix ALM.

1. Open the file attachments tab when you are adding or editing an item.

  • Issues—Click the Detail tab and then click the File attachments mini tab.
  • Requirements and documents—Click the Files tab.
  • Test cases and test runs—Click the Files tab and then click Attachments.

2. Attach the file.

  • Click Attach to upload a file from your computer. The Attach File dialog box opens. Select the file to attach and click Open.
  • Click Paste to paste a file from the clipboard.
  • Click Screen Capture to capture and attach a screenshot. See Capturing screenshots.

Note:   To rename a file attachment, right-click it and choose Rename (Windows) or Ctrl+click it (Mac). Attachments cannot be renamed after an item is saved.

3. Select an attachment and click Remove to remove it.

4. Select an attachment and click a button to view or download it. See Viewing and downloading file attachments.

5. Click Add or OK to save the changes.

Note:  If Helix ALM is integrated with a source control tool, you can also attach source files to items. See Attaching source files to items.