User Guide | 2019.2

Adding workflow events to items

To move items through their lifecycle, you add workflow events to them. When you add an event, the item may be assigned to a user and the status may change depending on the event.

If you are working on an item assigned to you, add the event that corresponds to your completed work. For example, if you fix an issue, you may enter the Fix event and the work you performed.

If you need to assign work to another user, assign the item to them. See Assigning items. You can also comment on items to add information without affecting the item status. See Commenting on items.

Note:  The events and fields you use may be different depending on your team's workflow, but the steps to add events are similar.

1. Select the item in a list window or open the item.

2. Choose Workflow and select the event to add.

The event dialog box opens.

3. Enter or select any information.

The following fields are included for all events.

  • By—Defaults to the logged in user, but you can select another user. Click the Find User button to search for a user. See Searching for users and customers in fields.
  • Date—Defaults to the current date and time, but you can enter or select another date and time.
  • NotesProvides additional information about the event. Provide as much detail as possible to help users understand the work associated with the event.

4. Click OK.

The event is added to the item. The item status may change based on the event type.

To view the event in the item workflow history, open the item and click the Workflow tab. See Viewing workflow event history.