User Guide | 2019.2

Using the Address bar

The Address bar displays a URL for the current list window or open item. You can copy and paste the address to share it with other users. For example, you can paste a specific item’s address in an email so a user can go directly to the item. You can also enter an address in the Address bar to open an item.

The Address bar displays ttstudio or http addresses.

  • ttstudio addresses are generally used to open items in the Helix ALM Client. If the Helix ALM Client is not installed, the Helix ALM URL Redirector must be installed and configured to open ttstudio addresses with Helix ALM Web. See Configuring the Helix ALM URL Redirector.
  • http addresses always open items in Helix ALM Web.

Note:  When sharing addresses with others, consider the Helix ALM client types your team uses to determine which address type to provide. You may want to change addresses pasted as plain text to hyperlinks in external applications to help users quickly open items. For example, to create a ttstudio hyperlink in a Microsoft Outlook email, click Hyperlink on the Insert tab and then paste the Address in the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.

1. Choose View > Window Toolbars > Address.

The Address bar opens. The address for the current list window or open item is displayed.

Tip:  To switch between ttstudio and http addresses, click Address and choose the protocol.

2. To open a list window or item, enter the address. See Entering ttstudio addresses.

You can also enter addresses that start with http://, https://, or www. to open web pages in a browser and addresses that start with sscm to open source files or repositories in Surround SCM.

3. Click Go.

The item opens.