User Guide | 2019.2

Importing requirements and requirement documents from Microsoft Word

You can import requirements from a Microsoft Word document into Helix ALM. When you import a Word document, you can create a new requirement document or import requirements into an existing document in the Helix ALM project.

Note:  Only use this method to import requirements and documents created and managed in Word to Helix ALM. If you need to transfer requirements or documents between projects, use XML export and import instead. See Exporting to XML and Importing XML files.

Perform the following tasks to import requirements.

1. Prepare the Word document and the Helix ALM project.

2. Use the Microsoft Word Import Wizard to select the file to import, choose a requirements interpretation method, and specify a section break range. You can also preview the requirements and specify to save them in a new or existing document.

3. Review the imported requirements and set additional field values.