User Guide | 2019.2

Connecting to a Helix ALM Server

Helix ALM projects are stored on servers. You may need to set up a connection to a server before you can access the projects on it.

1. Choose File > Connect to Server.

The Helix ALM Login dialog box opens.

2. Click Setup.

The Setup Server Connections dialog box opens.

3. Click Add to add a server connection. See Adding server connections.

4. Select a server and click Edit to change the name, address, or port number. See Editing server connections.

5. Select a server and click Top, Move Up, Move Down, or Bottom to reorder the list.

When you log in, servers are displayed in same order as the Setup Server Connections dialog box. You may want to move servers you access most frequently to the top of the list.

6. Select a server and click Delete to delete the connection. See Deleting server connections.