User Guide | 2019.2

Attaching source files to items

You can attach source control files to Helix ALM items to track changes across both applications. To perform actions in Helix ALM without switching to the source control application, you must first attach the files to an item.

You can also attach changelists to items. See Attaching source control changelists to items.

If you use Git, GitHub, or Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), see Attaching Git, GitHub, and Team Foundation Server files to items for information about attaching files.

Note:  Source file actions and options depend on the source control application you are using. The following information applies to Surround SCM and Helix Versioning Engine. If you use a different application, refer to its documentation for information.

Note:  If you no longer want a source file to be associated with a Helix ALM item, you can detach it. See Detaching source files and changelists from items.