User Guide | 2019.2

Adding server connections

You need to add a connection to access servers that Helix ALM projects are stored on. Your administrator can provide the server address and port number.

1. Choose File > Connect to Server.

The login dialog box opens.

2. Click Setup.

The Setup Server Connections dialog box opens.

3. Click Add.

The Add Helix ALM Server dialog box opens.

4. Enter a Server name.

Use a descriptive name to help identify the server.

5. Enter the Server address and port number.

Clients connect to the server on this port. Valid values are 1-65535.

Note:  If you received a server settings file from your administrator, import it instead of manually entering the information. Click Import, select the XML file and, click Open. The Server address, port, and Public key fingerprint fields are automatically populated. The public key provides additional security required to connect to the server. Ask your administrator for help.

6. Click OK.

The server connection is added and you return to the Setup Server Connections dialog box.

7. To change the order of the servers, select a server and click Top, Move Up, Move Down, or Bottom.

Servers are displayed in this order in the login dialog box.

8. Click Close when you finish.