Hansoft Helix Core Integration Guide

The Hansoft Helix Core integration lets you add changelist information from the Helix Visual Client (P4V) to assigned Hansoft items in your To Do List. This shows traceability between files you added or changed, and your Hansoft tasks. The integration is included with the Hansoft web service.

This integration, introduced in June 2021, replaces and is not compatible with the old Helix Core integration.

Additional Hansoft resources

Hansoft desktop client

The Hansoft user guide provides information about how to install, manage, and use Hansoft.

Hansoft web client

A web-based version of Hansoft is available. The web client provides easy access to your To Do List List with all tasks and bugs assigned across all Hansoft projects you work with. You can also view dashboards you have access to.

Hansoft system administration

The Hansoft system administrator guide helps administrators and power users who need information about how to install, configure and maintain Hansoft servers and clients.