Using the To Do Board

The To Do Board shows your assigned tasks, bugs, and items from all Hansoft projects in a board format, grouped by status. You can quickly change the status of an item by dragging it to a different status column on the board.

Viewing the To Do Board

To view the To Do Board, click To Do Board at the top of the page.


Each card on the board represents a Hansoft item assigned to you. A card shows the project name with the sub project path, and the item description below it. Click the description to view or edit the item details.

A card may also show the sprint name, priority, due date (scheduled items only), color assigned to the item, and icons to indicate if the item is a user story, has comments, has attachments, or has links. Thumbnails of cover images may be displayed if you selected the option to show cover pages. See Showing and hiding cover images.

In each column, cards are sorted by priority, then due date, then by ID.

Cards with a red border indicate the due date has passed. For items in sprints, the due date is the last day in the sprint. For scheduled tasks, the due date is the Finish date for the task. Bugs that are not committed to a sprint do not have a due date.

Note:  You can show or hide completed items on a board. See Showing and hiding completed items.

Lanes and columns

Cards are grouped in lanes and columns.

  • There is one lane for each workflow in projects you a member of. Lanes are only displayed for workflows used by items currently assigned to you. Items in projects without a workflow are displayed at the top in a Status lane. Each lane is labeled by the workflow name followed by the project name in parentheses. For example, Bug workflow (Development).
  • There is one column for each status in each workflow. The number of assigned items in the status is displayed next to the status at the top of the column. An icon that represents the status from the workflow is displayed in the top right corner of the column.

Filtering and searching for items

You can apply to narrow the items displayed in the To Do Board. You can filter by due date, project, status, and priority. You can also search the columns on the board. See Filtering and finding items.

Changing item status

To change the status of an item, drag the card to the column with the appropriate status. As you drag the card, an indicator shows where it will be placed when you drop it in the new column based on sorting rules. In each column, cards are sorted by priority, then due date, then alphabetically by description.

Viewing and editing item details

To view or edit the item details, click the item description on the card. See Viewing and editing item details.