Hansoft Web Service Guide

The Hansoft web service service provides access to a subset of data from the Hansoft server and operations via a WebSocket connection using the DDP protocol. The web service is required to use the Hansoft web client and some integrations.


Check out these topics for help getting started with the web service:

What's new in Hansoft

Check out the release notes to see a complete list of new features and enhancements.

Additional Hansoft resources

Hansoft desktop client

The Hansoft user guide provides information about how to install, manage, and use the Hansoft desktop client.

Hansoft web client

A web-based version of Hansoft is available. The web client provides easy access to your To Do List with all tasks and bugs assigned across all Hansoft projects you work with. You can also view dashboards you have access to.


Hansoft integrates with several applications, including:

Hansoft system administration

The Hansoft system administrator guide helps administrators and power users who need information about how to install, configure, and maintain Hansoft servers and clients.