Managing users

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Administrators can manage users from the Users list. You can add new users, edit information for existing users, change user avatars, delete and undelete users, add users to groups, remove users from groups, and more.

To open the Users list, click Admin and then click Users. All users in the database are displayed. Deleted users who had their assignments and history saved when they were deleted are also displayed.

The following information is displayed in columns.

  • Name — User's full name.
  • User groups — Groups the user is in.
  • Email — User's email address. Used for emails automatically sent by Hansoft.
  • Status — User's status in Hansoft.
Status Indicates the user is:
Offline Not logged in.
Online Logged in.
Syncing Currently logging in and syncing data from the server.
Deleted Deleted from Hansoft, but assignments and history were saved. The user can be restored. See Undeleting users.
Locked for use Locked and cannot log in because they were shared from another Hansoft server and the share was removed or disconnected. Users locked due to a disconnected share can be converted to home users and then can log in again.

Finding users

  • To search for a user, enter the user's name in the Find field. Matches in the following fields are displayed as you type: Name, User groups, and Email.
  • To show or hide QA users in the list, click Show and select Show QA users.
  • To show or hide deleted users in the list, click Show and select Show deleted users. You can only show deleted users with assignments and history saved when they were deleted.

Performing actions

  • To add a new user, click New. See Adding users.
  • To update a user's information, select the user and click Edit. See Editing users.
  • To change a user's avatar, select the user and click Change Avatar. See Changing user avatars.
  • To change the user profile settings, which control access to log in to the Hansoft server and different areas of Hansoft, select the user and then select any options in the Profile settings area at the bottom of the window. See Changing user profile settings.
  • To delete a user, select the user, choose More, and then click Delete. See Deleting users.
  • To undelete a deleted user, select the user, choose More and then click Undelete.See Undeleting users.

Tip:  You can add a user to a group from the Users list, when adding or editing a user, or when adding or editing a group. See Adding users to groups. You can also remove users from groups. See Removing users from groups.

Converting ghost users

You can convert ghost users to regular users in the Users list. A ghost user cannot log in to Hansoft, but can be assigned tasks in the Planning view. See Converting ghost users to normal users.

Adding QA accounts

You can add QA accounts from the Users list. QA accounts allow testers to log in to Hansoft and report bugs without using a license. See QA user accounts.