Managing project user groups

Project user groups provide an easy way to manage a collection of users that work on a specific project. Administrators and main managers can manage project groups within a project.

Note:  Administrators can manage both global and project user groups in the Admin area. See Managing global and project user groups.

1. In the Planning, Quality assurance, or Project backlog view, click More and choose Manage project groups.

The Manage Project Groups dialog box opens.

2. Select a group and click Show group members to view the members of the group.

Global groups and groups added for the current project are displayed. Project groups for other projects are not displayed.

3. To add a new group, click New. See Adding project user groups.

4. To edit a group, select it and click Edit. See Editing project user groups.

5. To duplicate a group, select it and click Clone. You can clone a project group to add a duplicate project group or clone a global group to add a project group with the same members. See Cloning project user groups

6. To delete a group, select it and click Delete. See Deleting project user groups.

7. When you finish, click Close to close the Manage Project Groups dialog box.