Managing groups

User groups provide an easy way to manage a collection of users. You can use groups to:

  • Quickly staff projects, sprints, and tasks.
  • Set up permissions and workflows.
  • Add and manage reports and dashboards.

1. Click Admin.

The Admin area opens.

2. Click Groups.

The Groups list opens. It displays all groups in the current database, how many members each group has, and which projects each group was added to.

3. Select a group to view the members in the Members pane.

4. To add a new group, click New. See Adding groups.

5. To edit a group, select it and click Edit. See Editing groups.

6. To delete a group, select it and click Delete. See Deleting groups.

Tip:  You can easily add users to and remove users from group from the Users list. See Adding users to groups and Removing users from groups,