Adding groups

Add a group to manage a collection of users.

1. Click Admin.

The Admin area opens.

2. Click Groups.

The Groups list opens.

3. Click New.

The New user group dialog box opens.

4. Enter the Group name.

5. Enter the Sorting name if you want to sort the Groups list based on a different name than the group name.

6. Add users as members of the group.

Select a user in the Available users list and click > to add them to the Selected users list. To remove a user from the group, select the user in the Selected users list and click <.

Note:  You can add other users to the group at any time by editing the group or right-clicking the user in the Users list. See Editing groups and Managing users.

7. Click OK.

The group is added.

Note:  You can add groups to projects. All members of the group will have access to the project. See Adding and removing users and groups in projects.