Adding user groups

Administrators can add global and project user groups.

  • Project groups provide a way to group users in a specific Hansoft project. Main managers can also manage these groups. See Managing project user groups.

Tip:  Main managers who do not have access to the Admin area can only add project groups. See Adding project user groups.

1. Click Admin.

The Admin area opens.

2. Click Groups.

The Groups list opens.

3. Click New.

The New user group dialog box opens.

4. Enter the Group name. You must use a unique name that is not already used as a global or project group name.

5. Enter the Sorting name if you want to sort the list of group based on a different name than the group name.

6. If you are adding a project group, select the project you are adding it for. If you are adding a global group, make sure (Global group) is selected. indicates a global group and indicates a project group.

7. If you are adding a global group and want to automatically add the new group to specific projects, select the projects in the Auto-add members in projects list. Members of the group are automatically added or removed in the project when the are added or removed in the group.

Note:  You can also manually add groups to projects. All members of the group will have access to the project. See Adding and removing users and groups in projects.

8. Add users as members of the group.

Select a user in the Available users list and click > to add them to the Selected users list. Use the Find field to search for a user. To remove a user from the group, select the user in the Selected users list and click <.

To show or hide deleted users in the list, click Show deleted users. You can only show deleted users with assignments and history saved when they were deleted. For more information, refer to Deleting users.

Note:  You can add other users to the group at any time by right-clicking the user in the Users list. See Editing user groups and Managing users.

9. Click OK.

The group is added.