Managing licenses

Hansoft is licensed by the number of users that can be created on a server. If you have several databases on the same server they share the same license. User licenses can be freely moved between databases by deleting users in one database and creating them in another. A license can also include a number of modules enabling features such as time reporting.

License delivery

Every month licenses are delivered either directly to the server by TCP/IP connection or by email. You will receive an e-mail towards the end of each month stating that your license is about to expire.

Note:  This does not signify the termination of your subscription but merely acts as a heads up, informing you that the license will soon be updated. The license key is usually delivered on the first day of business every month unless you are connected to the license server, in which case the update will be received automatically without the need of manual input.

A 15 day grace period is added to the expiry date to account for connection and communication disruptions. To make the delivery as smooth as possible it is recommended that the server is allowed to connect to our license server. To do so it needs to be able to connect to on TCP/IP port 50129. If you prefer your licenses by email you can turn off the license server connection feature in the Administrator by clicking Change license options under the "Settings" heading and unchecking "Connect to license server to retrieve new licenses".

Setting the license manually

The license can be set either using the Server Administrator or with the Hansoft Client. To change the license with the Server Administrator click Upgrade/change license under the "License" heading. Simply copy/paste the license data from the email you received. If you do not want the project managers to be able to change the license with the Hansoft Client you can change their permissions by clicking the database in the Server Administrato, clicking Change Settings, and clearing Allow project managers in this database to change the server license.