Using the Hansoft Server Administrator

The Hansoft Server Administrator is used to remotely administer the project server. The program is included with the server installation and is optionally installed with the client.

Use the following command from the command line. Make sure that you are standing in the installation directory when executing this command.


HPMClient.exe -AdminServer


open -a Hansoft --args -AdminServer


./Hansoft -AdminServer

The program will ask you to fill in the address of the server you want to connect to. This address is either the IP address of the server or a hostname.

The password that you are asked to supply is the server administrator password that you set during installation of the server. If you skipped the initial setup guide the default password is "hpmadm". You should change the default password as quickly as possible if you didn't supply a password during setup.

Database properties

Online/offline state

Set the database state. (Online, Offline or Loaded)

Offline settings

You can change the location of the database and transaction log file. You need to take the database offline before you can access this settings.

Online settings

Here you can change the name of the database, permissions and number of syncing clients.

Backup now

Click to perform a backup of the database.


Restore the database using a backup.

Backup settings

Edit backup location and schedule future backups. If automatic backups are not configured, a warning is displayed in the list of databases on the server.

Generate new GUID for database

Generated a new GUID for a database. This is relevant if you want to run a copied database next to the original.

License and server settings

Upgrade/change license

Enter license key here to update your license.

Show licensed users

See a list of licensed users.

Reconnect license server

Attempt to reconnect to the license server.

Server name

Edit server name.

Administrator password

Change the password for the server administrator client.

Listen port

Set port used by clients to connect to server. The server needs to be restarted for this setting to take effect.

Logging options

Edit logging options for the server.

E-mail options

Edit e-mail options for the server.

License options

Choose to connect to the license server to receive automatic license updates. If you choose not to activate this setting then the license key will need to be input manually.

Security options

Edit security options regarding the client, server and server administrator client.

Server language

Set server language.

General options

Here you can choose to run dashboard calculations on a separate thread.