User Guide | 2019.2

Creating release status reports

Release status reports include detailed information that helps with tracking and communicating the status or progress of a project, release, or iteration.

1. Choose Create > Report.

The Select Report Type dialog box opens.

2. Select Release Status and click OK.

The Add Release Status Report dialog box opens.

3. Enter a Name and Title. The title appears at the top of the report. You can enter up to 128 characters for the name and 1000 characters for the title.

4. Select a Share with option.

  • No one restricts other users from using the report.
  • Everyone shares the report with all users and customers.
  • All users shares the report with other users.
  • All customers shares the report with customers.
  • Security groups shares the report with selected security groups.

5. On the Report On tab, select the report to create. See Release status reports.

Note:  The report stylesheet is automatically applied based on the selected report. See Release status report stylesheets.

6. Click the Source tab to select the data to include in the report.

  • Click Browse to select the folder that contains the items you want to include. Folders are required for some reports. The folder icon and type are displayed and the release start and end dates are displayed if release planning is enabled for the selected folder. Select Recursive to include child folders of the selected folder and then select the child folder types to include. Click Clear to clear the selected folder path if a folder is not required.
  • Select the item types to include in the report. If an item type is required, it is selected by default and you cannot change the setting. Optionally select a filter for each selected item type if you only want to include filtered items in the report. Click Create Filter to add a filter. See Adding filters.
  • Select Include data for all linked items to include information about any items linked to items included in the report. Select a link definition from the list to specify the links to include.

7. Click the Options tab to select report display options. The available options depend on the selected report and content.

  • Select Show report data to display the text-based portion of the report. Clear this option if you only want to include a chart in the report.
  • Select Show chart to display an interactive chart in the report.

  • If you creating a folder task board report with configurable columns, click Add in the Columns area to add a column and then enter the column name and select the column background color. To choose the workflow states to include in a selected column, select a state in the States list and click the Add State to Column button to add it to the column. Select a column and click Top, Move Up, Move Down, or Bottom to reorder the column display order.

8. Click the Sorting tab to select a primary or secondary sort column and set the column sort order.

This tab is not available for all release status reports.

9. To preview the report, click the Preview button.

10. Click Add.

The report is added. See Running built-in reports for information about running reports.