User Guide | 2019.2

Adding field value styles

Add field value styles to define formatting for field values in item lists. For example, you may want to add a style with a yellow background color and apply it to the most important value in a list so items with that value set are highlighted in the item list.

1. Choose Tools > Administration > Field Value Styles.

The Field Value Styles dialog box opens.

2. Click Add.

The Add Field Value Style dialog box opens.

3. Enter a style Name. The name is displayed in the list of available styles when adding or editing value list items and workflow states.

Tip:  If you are adding a style that only uses an icon or background color, you may want to indicate it in the style name. For example, if you choose a star icon with hidden text, you may want to name the style 'Starred (icon only)' so it is clear that text is not displayed for field values that use the style.

4. Select any Text formatting options. The selected options are displayed in the Preview field.

Option Use to:
Color Set the text color. Select a color from the list or choose Custom to select a custom color.
Hide text Hide the field value text in item lists. Select this option to use only an icon or background color to represent a value. If a style hides text, the field value is only displayed when users mouse over the field in item lists.
Background Set the background color.
Bold Apply bold styling to text.
Underline Apply underline styling to text.
Italic Apply italic styling to text.
Strikethrough Apply strikethrough styling to text.

5. Click Choose Icon to select an icon to display for the style. Icons are available in the styleicons directory in the Helix ALM application directory. You can also use custom icons. Custom icons must be 16x16 pixels in BMP, GIF, or PNG format.

To remove an icon, click Remove.

6. Click OK.

The style is added to list in the Field Value Styles dialog box.

7. Click OK to save the style.